SMGSL League FAQs and General Information

Updated Wednesday January 10, 2018 by South Montgomery Girls Softball League.

                                                       SMGSL League FAQs

  • What ages are able to play in league at SMGSL?
    • SMGSL offers league play to female softball players between the ages of 3-18.  We have the following age divisions:
      • Blast Ball - 3-4
      • 6U - 5 and 6 year olds
      • 8U - 7 and 8 year olds
      • 10U - 9 and 10 year olds
      • 12U - 11 and 12 year olds
      • MX - (Mixed) - 13 through 18 year olds
  • My child has never played before.  Is this ok and is there a certain age where it is too late for her to start?
    • League play is designed to provide an avenue to the sport regardless of skill level.  Any player between the ages of 3-18 can register during regular registration periods to begin playing the sport at any time.
  • When are the seasons and how many games can I expect to play per season?
    • SMGSL offers a Fall Season and a Spring Season.  The Fall season is meant to be more instructional and emphasizes player development over winning.  The Spring season is instructional as well but is more competitive.  The Fall season normally runs from August to mid November with approximately 12 games.  The Spring season normally runs from February to the last week of April and is approximately 14 games.  SMGSL also has a summer All-Star season that begins immediately after the Spring season concludes.  All-Star teams are selected from players that participated in the Spring season and are selected via a tryout.  Any player wishing to participate in All-Stars must play in the Spring season
  • How often do teams practice?
    • Teams are assigned one weekday practice and one weekend practice.  Practices are usually 90 minutes long.
  • When are games played?
    • Games are usually on played on Saturdays.  Sometimes, games are made up during the week if there are rainouts, etc..
  • How are teams formed?
    • All teams are formed via tryouts.
  • What is the cost per season?
    • Prices can vary from season to season, but the following is a good guideline:
      • Blast Ball - $50
      • 6U - $95 (+$25 late fee after regular registration period)
      • 8U - $155 (+$25 late fee after regular registration period)
      • 10U - $185 (+$25 late fee after regular registration period)
      • 12U - $185 (+$25 late fee after regular registration period)
      • MX - $185 (+$25 late fee after regular registration period)
  • What is included with my registration fees? 
    • 1 player team jersey
    • Umpire Fees
    • Insurance
    • End-Of-Season Tournament
    • Customized Team Website
    • An iPhone/ iPad / Android App for mobile device access to schedules, scores, standings, contacts and rosters is available for an additional $1.99.  This app is called "GameDay" and can be purchased directly through the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • What equipment do I need to purchase and what is the approximate cost range?
    • Helmet - $20 to $60
    • Bat - $20 to $300
    • Glove - $20 to $300
    • Cleats - $30 to $80
    • Pants - $20
    • Socks - $5
    • Belt - $10
    • Equipment Bag/Backpack - $20 to $50
    • If you have specific questions about what equipment is suitable, please contact the SMGSL equipment manager listed on the Board Members page of the website.
  • What if I can't afford the cost of the equipment? Do you offer assistance?
    • While we can't guarantee availability, we do receive donated equipment from time to time.  Please check with the equipment manager listed on the Board Members page of the website to see if there is any donated equipment available.

To begin registration, please return the the main page by clicking "League Home" in the menu bar above and then and click the "Register Online" banner at the top of the page.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the registration process please send them via e-mail to and we will assist you.

Thanks and have a great season!